What is GobbleRSS

GobbleRSS is a web-based RSS reader inspired from the previous version of Google Reader.

It was developed as an alternative to Google Reader for people who need to access their RSS articles from home or work, but with the possibility to download unread articles to a PDA.
Since Google Reader doesn't yet have a public API that would allow a PDA to grab the latest unread articles, GobbleRSS was developed to allow PDA sync applications to download a single web page that contains a certain number of unread articles. You can then read those articles on the go.
It also contains a search field to allow you to search past articles, and filters functionality to remove unwanted articles from your reading list. Welcome changes for Google Reader users!

Goggle Reader + Search + PDA sync + Filters = GobbleRSS

How does it work: Basically, it's a MySQL database containing subscriptions (URL to RSS feeds) and articles (downloaded from RSS feeds). Articles are fetched from RSS feeds at regular intervals and saved in MySQL. The reading interface is a simple web page which loads unread articles and marked them as read (in the DB) when you read them.

GobbleRSS is open source (under LGPL license). The source code is available from the Google Code project page.