How to Use GobbleRSS

On your GobbleRSS home page, you'll see:
- all unread articles (left column);
- the currently highlighted article text (right box);
- a drop down menu to go to other pages to: manage your subscriptions, view statistics, view your Starred Items RSS feed;
- a link to force GobbleRSS to grab all the latest RSS articles from all your feed (top-right);
- a search box (top-right);
- a 'search by id' box (top-right);
- keyboard shortcuts to browse articles are shown at the bottom.

Read Articles: Simply load http://your_url_for_gobblerss and start reading your articles. They are sorted by date, ascending (the oldest articles are the one you'll see first).
Navigate either using your mouse, or using the keyboard shortcuts (J and K).
When you find an interesting article, you can either click the article title or hit V or O or space to view the original post on it's website. A new window (or tab) will always open when you select to view the original article.
U will allow you to keep the current article unread (come back to it later)
S will allow you to star the current article.

When you find an article worthy of a star, simply click the start this! link found under the article title.
When you find an article you want to review later, simple click the keep this unread link found under the article title.
Both actions can be undone by clicking again the appropriate links.

Starred Articles: If you want to share your starred items with your friend, simply give them the URL under the Starred Items RSS Feed link. They can add this RSS feed to any RSS viewer they might be using. GobbleRSS also has an option to publish starred items to your ma.gnolia account.

Forced Update: If you want to force GobbleRSS to update all your subscriptions to receive the latest articles, click the Grab latest link. The web page won't change - the link will simply be transformed into a Loading... tag. Once all your subscriptions have been updated, the word Done will be shown where the link was. Simply refresh the GobbleRSS web page to view all the unread articles, including the new ones. This allows you to keep reading your articles while GobbleRSS is fetching new articles.
If you don't ever force update, new articles will be fetched whenever your GobbleRSS gets pinged.

Search: If you want to find an article, use the search box. Enter any combination of words, and GobbleRSS will search all articles, new or read, to find those words in either title or article's text. The search box doesn't (yet?) support boolean operators (AND, OR) or exact matching with double quotes.

Filters: Getting tired of reading Digg articles about Obama, impeachment or Congress? Simply filter those articles out of your reading list using Filters. Filters are simple string that, if found anywhere in either the title or body of a RSS article, will hide it from your reading list. It will still be in your database, so you'll be able to find it with the right Search keywords, but at least now you won't have to cope daily with articles you're not interested in.

PDA: To sync your PDA with unread articles, first select the number of articles you want to download on each sync (in I personally use 250; this is about the number of articles I'm able to read during my daily commuting to/from work.
Next, point your PDA web page sync application (I use Plucker with my Palm) to http://your_url_for_gobblerss/spider_articles.php
This web page will show all unread articles, up to the maximum you specified in your configuration *and* will mark all of them as read.

!!!Warning!!! Do not load that page yourself in a browser - it would mark all the articles shown as 'read', forcing you to read them all right then, before you close that browser window. If you really want to load it in your browser during your tests, use this URL:

You can then read your articles on your PDA. If you find articles that you'd wish to review later, simply note the articles number (ID) that appear next to the article's title on your PDA. When you're in front of your computer, simply enter the numbers you're interested in reviewing in the GobbleRSS web form (top-right, right-most field).